Font "Quotasoon"

This is something you'll see in my artwork. The more I get into the worldbuilding, the more it made sense to use an original font. I'll use it left to right or top to bottom like you'll see with Asian characters. I'm aiming at mysterious, ancient and futuristic.

I completed the graphics for the font years ago inspired by friends Joe Medosch and Aaron Ross in art school.  These two memorized their own shorthand minimal handwriting based on English characters.  Confronted with a page of text like this is indecipherable and mysterious.  Even more so as their styles progressed.

I love basic design problems like this.  The general rule for me was to eliminate the left vertical element of every character if possible and also base each letter within a square.  As I made my way to the numbers and special characters, my rules became more and more broken but I felt some better recognition was needed if I were to use the full keyboard when writing something.

Friend Kyle gave me a free coupon at  I took advantage of it immediately knowing exactly what I would do.  The site makes actual vector TTF fonts out of hand drawn source, or in my case, source from Adobe Illustrator.  I've downloaded free and impossible to use font making programs before but given up on their interface and didn't want to plunk down the change for an application that can cost $600 to $1000.  You can do it for $10 at Your Fonts.  The possibilities for dingbats etc is exciting.